A paper links the world!

- News
Africa www.allafrica.com America www.nytimes.com Arabia english.aljazeera.net
Australia www.smh.com.au Britain www.bbcnews.com China english.cntv.cn
France www.france24.com  Germany www.dw-world.de  Russia www.russiatoday.ru

- Travel
! Travel Information and Warnings:
Australia www.smarttraveller.gov.au  Britain www.fco.gov.uk France www.diplomatie.gouv.fr
Germany www.diplo.de/laenderU.S. travel.state.gov

- Finance
World Stock Markets and Financial Markets overview www.bloomberg.com/markets
The latest business news and informations www.cnbc.com

- Weather
! Weather Warnings:
World severe.worldweather.org U.S. nws.noaa.gov Europe www.meteoalarm.eu
World Weather Map http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather

- Live
Webcam Network. Watch the world www.earthcam.com/mapsearch
Radio Stations Worldwide www.surfmusic.de/seitenindex.htm
The global internetTV database www.global-itv.com
LIVE | New York Times Square www.earthcam.com/timessquare

- World Time
Clock of 18 cities of the world and GMT www.luigiworld.com/index-Dateien/world_time.htm
Time zone map with all continents www.weltzeit.de/zeitzonenkarte.php

- Facts
The World Factbook www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook
Global Rich List. How rich are you? www.globalrichlist.com
World facts as World Maps www.worldmapper.org

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